Writing: What’s the point of it?

Writing: What’s the point of it? Yes, there is a certain aspect that must be entertaining, but I don’t think that is enough. It is a well-known adage that Science Fiction is about ideas. What appears on the surface is masking a complex idea underneath. You can contemplate the author’s thesis and their reflections on life, or you can simply enjoy the story. I believe all writing should be like this, and I believe great writers actually do this without us noticing. If writing has any kind of artistic value then it must reflect some kind of truth and make some kind of point. Whether it is about the evils of advertising or the complexities of the human condition, writing has to make a comment, your comment, the truth that you have seen. Much like observational comedy, truth and insight draws us together and bonds us into a fan base.

Ultimately, great work makes us question what we know, and possibly even changes us.