Writing Update

I thought I would give a quick update on upcoming books. Desert Heart (sequel to Chasing Heart) is currently off at the plot doctor, under final examination before heading off to my editor. I should have the review back by the end of April. Rewrites to be done in May then off to the editor in June. Hopefully all should be done by the end of June for an early July release.

On Lucid I have just hit the 25k word mark. Five people dead. I have incorporated references to Zork, LotR, HP, WoW. I may offer a prize for those who can recognize them. There has been lots of illegal activity, not that much of it by the criminals. The main victim has been found, and investigations have commenced. The target is to have the book out by November, which would allow me to charge into something new for NaNoWriMo. I’ll put up the first chapter (rough as it is) shortly.

I've written a couple of thousand words for 'Natrix plus the complete plot, and exactly zero for Tesla other than the name of the main character.

Ideas have started to come for the next Ellen Martin disaster (#3) but nothing too solid yet other than she is in the UK, and can’t understand anyone. It will be set in 2006.