June Update

Plenty happened during June. Desert Heart revision was completed. I will have a last read through then will go off to proof reading. Still hoping for a July release. 

I finished the draft for Lucid. I found some of the earlier stuff, which I wrote about ten years ago, is not very good when stacked next to the new stuff. I have printed it out and will have another look through it. I have renamed some characters as well. Making it a bit of a roaring 20s parable. I am toying with the idea of serializing the book. I have broken it into days, which might work well as weekly story.

Did a tiny bit on the 'Natrix. 

Started Tesla. The first shaky words went down in Chapter 1.

Latest idea: I'm thinking of having a Christmas special. I have an idea for a Xmas short story that involves the main characters from my 2013 books. It'll be a freebie, and about 10,000 words, and tie them all together in one fun adventure.