July update

It seems to have taken ages to get Desert Heart out the door, meaning it still isn’t. However, it is due back from the proof reader first week in August. That will push back release until mid-August. I am taking it as a positive sign that I am *not* so totally over it like have been with the other books at a similar stage. There are still bit I like reading.

But, unlike all the others, I feel  very excited about Lucid. I’m excited by the concept of periodic installments. I’m excited by the various new elements in it. I am excited by the amazingly complex plot. I have no idea who will like it. Who is the market for cyber-techno-thriller-alternate reality-procedural-pseudo philosophical-dark comedy? Latest projection puts it up at 96,210 words. My longest by 17k, and it may not be long enough.

I write a few words here and there on The ‘Natrix and Mourning Reign, nothing substantial, figuring out which to do next. I might go with Mourning Reign, mainly because I can finish it quickly, but also it is the last of the ‘old’ ideas. With that done, all the books that have been sitting there for years will be complete. Finished. Closed.

Maybe then I can work out what style I want to write.