Update March 2014

As Decay nears completion, I thought it would be a good moment to list what is up coming. At this stage I am planning 2014 to be a Steampunk year. I have the second half of the Tesla Saga planned, book 3: Faraday and book 4: Release (it may change). 

The ideas for book 3 are coming, but I am still missing my big motif, other than resolution and redemption. I have written the ending, which was highly emotional but needed to be done so I had a direction. I also didn't want to wimp out on it. It is done. There is no avoiding it.

Book 4 is in pre-ideas stage. I have some names of characters that join the party, and a rough sense of how I want it to end.

Then I was inspired to devise a re-imaging of Cinderella in the steampunk world. Set in about 1855ish, history is rich and exciting, and I will totally subvert it. It will be my first proper YA novel and deal with all sorts of disturbing issues, but have guns, royal assassinations and stuff. Tentatively, it is titled Stoker. Or possibly Cinderbox.

For anyone in the area, I will have a table down at the Gold Coast Supanova on April 04-06, selling books and generally shouting at people.