Inspirational ...

I don't write with any particular music playing in the background, because it can be distracting. But when running and working on ideas I will often listen to a limited series of songs or albums to feed the tone required for the story.

Here are some:

Beyond Belief: Oasis, (Definitely Maybe).

Desert Heart: Skunk Anansie, (Smashes and Trashes).

Lucid: A selection of dub-step songs from Zomboy, Seven Lions, AU5, Knife Party (of course), Porter Robinson and Skrillex. (And me!)

Sucker: Gare du Nord (Rendez Vous 8:02).

Faraday:  Within Temptation (the Unforgiving), Meat Loaf (Bat 3), Skunk Anansie, (Smashes and Trashes).

Fusion: VNV Nation (Automatic), Within Temptation (Hydra), 3OH!3 (Omens).